How does a lack of sleep make you fat?

In conversation with others, we are all proponents of green juices, exercise, healthy food and regular sleep. But what we do at home is totally the opposite – just another cube of chocolate, just another episode of the series, and while you flick the hour is 2 after midnight, and you are waiting for work obligations early in the morning.



But what is the relationship of sleep with increased appetite?


Have you ever wondered why when you wake up, the first thing you reach is something mild or baggy chips? There is a logical, scientific explanation for this phenomenon, on which our hormones lie.


Our hunger is controlled by two specific hormones: gelin, which stimulates appetite, and leptin, which regulates the energy balance by controlling hunger.


When we sleep less than 8 hours, the ghrelin is growing, causing you to want more foods – mostly carbohydrates.


Meanwhile, the level of lepton decreases, which warns your brain that you do not have enough energy for your needs, causing your brain to deceive you that you are hungry.


Lack of sleep also causes cortisol levels, stress hormone associated and with increased fats, to increase.


When they join with the ghrelin, they turn into small, vicious voices in your head and tell you that you are hungry, even if you ate.


Serotonin levels decrease when you are tired, so you feel weak and flabby and create the need to bite something to quickly compensate for the lack of energy.

In this way, you create “perfect” conditions for weight gain – besides the need to eat more, it will be difficult to saturate, and on top of everything fatigue can increase the level of insulin, which encourages the body to store energy like fat, especially about your half.

Sleeping and bringing your body into a proper biorhythm is vital. Regular and high-quality sleep involves going to bed and becoming at about the same time every day so that you can control all aspects of your body functions, starting with your appetite, mood, immunity, and sexual life.


Updated: June 22, 2019 — 2:34 pm

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