How does the sea affect our brain?




The sea is healthy, viewed from any point of view. In fact, when people observe infinite spaces in our perception and emotional state, changes occur.

Changes increase when this infinite space moves in a certain rhythm. That’s why many people can sit and watch the sea for hours without doing anything.

Meditation and observation of the sea can change our mental state in the following ways:

The sea increases creativity

It has been confirmed that an overloaded environment filled with concurrent simultaneous causes stress. This happens when, for example, we will upset the huge boulevard of the big city with many cars, people, buildings …
Our view faces many stimuli at the same time, which makes us feel overwhelmed. The sea has a completely opposite effect. It is a large water area that does not have many elements. We can see waves, seabirds and perhaps some boat. Such an environment allows us to channel our resources into creating innovative thoughts, without losing the attention of the unimportant things.

 The sea facilitates meditation

It includes almost all our senses. It has a gentle and rhythmic sound, blue or green, that calms the mind and smell. All of these elements influence the creation of alpha waves in the brain, which are characteristic of sleep. When these waves appear in a waking state, they allow us to focus our attention. This state of mind can be achieved by meditation.


It contributes to relaxation and reduces anxiety

This is perhaps the most obvious effect the sea has on the brain. Paint, movement and size rest the brain and the entire nervous system. Before our eyes, we have a completely open space, which completes the infinite sky. Instinctively, the peaceful sea gives us confidence, because in the wide space there are no “hidden” places. Our brain interprets this as an absence of threats.

It has almost hypnotic effect

Observing the sea can help us to enter a new mental state, because it causes the formation of alpha waves. At the same time, from the point of view of emotion, it causes great attraction. This leads to the relativization of the concept of time. That’s why we can spend hours watching the sea, without noticing.

Updated: May 30, 2019 — 3:14 pm

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