How not to be anxious at meeting with many people?


Do you have any thoughts such as “What do others think about you, what they do not like about you?” And why do you just want to close your home?



Social phobia is far more embarrassing in communicating with other people. As a result, some people are very worried, have panic attacks, and even withdraw from social contacts.It has a very negative impact on life, but you can do a few things to deal with social anxiety in everyday life.



Tricks how to help yourself:

Challenge thoughts that do not help you

People with social anxiety experience unrealistic thoughts like that everyone stares at them and worries that they will make a fool of themselves.


Try to identify those thoughts, then rationalize that there is no basis for them. You can not read foreign minds and make predictions, wasting energy on things that may never happen. You’ve just thrown a negative light on everything and imagined the worst possible scenario.

Try not to focus on yourself


Stop feeling negative about how you look to the outside world. You’ve been focusing on yourself by pressing that you must look perfect. When you are with other people in the room, try focusing on them. Actively listen to them when they speak to you and you will be more comfortable when you are not pressuring that you have to guide the talks. Stay focused on the moment.

Face your fear



People with social anxiety often avoid going out because they feel safer at home. But if you avoid these situations, you will not only be deprived of many fun things, but will continue the cycle of operation without self-confidence.


Make yourself a task to be part of more social situations, meet new people and all without consuming alcohol for relaxation. Alcohol will cloud your reasoning and the next day you may be afraid of the things that you said the previous evening. Look at your fears and it’s time for fun.

Updated: May 28, 2019 — 2:43 pm

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