How to keep your Eyes Healthy Natural Cure


One day eat 250 g of carrots sweetened with honey or sugar, and the other day 250 g of honey drizzled with soured apples. In obese people it can replace them with one meal. It is also advisable to drink moderately prepared tea from a mixture of equal amounts of grass:

–          Chicory root

–          Myrtle

–          Lemon balm leaves

–          Flowers and leaves of  St. John’s wort


Drink unsweetened tea 3 times a day for 1/2 dcl before and after meals. Read more, walk more in the clear air, forests and meadows, looking into the greenery.


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Tea content:

40 g of yarrow flowers

40g of domestic rose flowers

20 g of rosemary leaves and flowers

20 g of raspberry leaves



Preparation and application of tea:

Hardly crash the grass mix. In 1 liter boiling water put 10 g of grass mix and cook it covered for 1,  1 ½ minutes. Cool it while it is covered and transfer it in a bottle.

Drink every 1 hour for 1/2 dcl so daily  you will drink 5 dcl. One day eat 150 g of freshly grated carrots, and the other day 3 tablespoons of honey drizzled with fresh juice from grilled carrots. Treat as instructed during treatment. Do not read with artificial illumination and do not watch long television. Avoid working in dusty rooms.


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