If you feel these symptoms, your intestines are filled with parasites

Most people are not aware of the danger to their health that can be caused by parasites, and more than 80 percent of patients have some kind of parasite or bacteria in the body. According to research, an average American in his body carries at least one half kilogram of parasites.


Parasites absorb vitamins and minerals from our body, and in turn release toxins that pollute the body.


Parasites enter the body through: 

• unwashed or poorly washed fruits and vegetables

 • Thermally insufficiently processed meat and fish

 • Domestic animals (by touching and cuddling kittens and dogs and through their feces – the possibility of infecting children with toxoplasmosis from a cat is 100 per cent) 

• air (all feces of animals are swept through the wind). 

• unclean hands, money.

 • by bathing in seas, lakes, swimming pools … (parasites penetrate the skin).


Symptoms: Skin problems, such as rash, wounds, injuries, eczema, urticarial and dry skin. Mood swings and anxiety, including anxiety, depression, forgetfulness, nervousness, restlessness, tiredness, apathy, diarrhea (parasites tend to attack the mucous membranes, causing stomach problems, including diarrhea), anemia.


The antiparasitic program is a preparation of three herbs: black walnut, Mugworts and cloves. The combination of these three herbs allows complete cleansing of the organism from parasites. Black walnut destroys adult parasites, the mugworts eliminates their larvae, and the cloves end up with the eggs of the parasites.



Updated: May 14, 2019 — 3:27 pm

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