If you have a sitting job, you must eat this food



Who is sitting long, is more often hungry, is prone to frequent inflammation, increased blood pressure, and increased sugar. If you work in an office, a cashier, a computer or, in fact, almost any thing that is not physical, then you can hardly avoid the eight-hour sitting, day by day.

Because our body did not create evolution for sitting, but for movement, it has a great influence (and it’s bad) on the body.

The person who sits most of his working hours, is more often hungry, is prone to frequent inflammation, increased blood pressure, and increased sugar. Therefore, healthy eating is very important.

These products should be mandatory on your menu:

1.Seedy fruit. If you regularly consume it, you can reduce inflammation in the body. The reason for this is the flavonoids that contain the grains of fruits. It’s best to eat some of the delicious fruits rich in valuable nutrients in the morning: it’s frayed with grains of mushrooms.

2. Nuts. In them, for example, in walnuts, there are many omega-3 fatty acids. The almonds are rich with antioxidants and vitamin E. It protects the cells and takes care of the beautiful skin.

 3.Pineapple. The pineapple is full of bromelain, which acts counter-inflammatory.

4.Olive oil. This oil is a real magical weapon: it acts anti-inflammatory and reduces the risk of diseases of the circulatory system.

5. Curcuma. This orange spice is not good just because of its beautiful appearance, that is, the color that it gives to food – it is extremely healthy and acts anti-inflammatory.

6. Onion. Garlic is an aromatic supplement to various dishes, but also successfully fights inflammation. Garlic also regulates blood sugar levels as well as blood fat.

7. Oily fish. Sweet fish, such as salmon or herring, contain many omega-3 fatty acids. The body needs these acids for important processes for the exchange of matter, and can not produce them alone. It is therefore necessary to additionally enter.

8.Avocados. It is considered the healthiest fruit in the world. Oleic acid is one of the healthiest ingredients of avocados. It contains monounsaturated fat, and they maintain the health of muscle cells, but also effectively fight against fatty tissue on the stomach.

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