Inflammation of the middle ear



Under the inflammation of the middle ear we can it  understand as illness of the drum,the cavity between the occiput and the labyrinth. It is common for the middle ear to be related to the skin of the occipital or with the diseases previously affected by the nasal cavity and the throat.Excessive airways are often the cause of middle ear disease (especially in children).

Various diseases of the nasal cavity and throat are widened through the ears of the trumpet, which is associated with the middle ear, nose and throat. Paddle inflammation is the same as the middle ear catacle because the inner ear cavities are lined with the mucous membrane.


Tea content:

50 g of chamomile flowers

50 g of plantago leaves

50 g of Stag’s-horn clubmoss


Preparation and application of tea:

Crash the plants into smalla pieces and mix them good. In ½ litre boiling water, you put 10 g of the grass mix and cook it covered with a lid for almost 3 minutes on mild fire. You cool it covered,sieve it good and it is prepared to be used.

You rinse the ear with a help of a smaller pump by puting 15 drops of common houseleek. After that in each ear you put 8 drops of olive oil.

Daily use 4 dcl from the tea mix, and you can sweeten it with a honey.

Consume more fruit and vegetables, and drink many juices.







Ear infections are very common, especially in children after colds, chills, inflammation of the throat, carpal tunnel etc. Signs of the disease are:severe middle ear, headache, tinnitus and hearing loss. If the disease begins to cure in time, the catarrhal soon disappear.

However, this illness is largely held by a side-effect, does not pay special attention to it, and is neglected so that acute inflammation develops into chronic. (Acute inflammation is successfully treated with antibiotics.)


Tea content:

20 g of chamomile leaves

20 g of Cheeses stams

20 g of plantago leaves

Preparation and application of the tea:

Crash the plants into smaller pieces and mix them good. In 1 lite boiling water put 5 g of the grass mix and cook it covered for almost 1-2 minute. Cool it covered and rinse the ear with a pump. After the rinse, put few drops (10 are enough) an olive oil.

Drink the tea for 6 times a day, 3 times before meal and after meal use ½ dcl of the tea. You consume the tea mild and you can sweeten it with a honey and you can add a bit of lemon juice.

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