Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the tongue (GLOSSITIS)

The catarrhal form is the most common form of inflammation of the mucous membrane and occurs as a result of a disturbed diet in older patients who lie for a long time, especially in sore throats, carpal, abdominal cramps, heartburn, dysentery, tuberculosis and cancer. The patient feels that the tongue is prone, and because of the increased pains in eating the food is even heavier. The tongue is covered with a damp cloth, and the surface layer is covered in some places. These sloping places are red. It takes longer for such an illness to pass into chronic illness.


Treatment of inflammation of the lining of the tongue, as well as all other forms of tongue disease (redness, white deposits, swelling of the tongue and the like) is performed with tea for the treatment of the lining of the oral cavity or stomatitis (page 61) daily at 1 dcl, at equal intervals. When rinse or rinse the mouth, rinse the cold, rinse with a little freshly squeezed lemon juice. Feed as much as you can to use rice, red onions, and wild greens. Food, preferably, prepare only on ordinary vegetable oil.

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