Inflammation of the Urinary Tract

A urethra is a urinary tract that drains urine from the kidneys into the urinary tract. As soon as I get into the kidney bubble to buy urine, she is immediately empty. As soon as the urinary bowel accumulates the urine, it’s immediately empty. This is done by rhythmic tightness and stretching of the urinary tract and the urine is excreted into the bladder in the spurts.

Inflammation of the urinary tract occurs almost always as a consequence of inflammation of the kidney, because the germs are excreted with urine and they infect the urinary tract.

Inflammation of the urinary tract occurs especially when there is some narrowing which causes a stagnation of the urine. When the urinary tract will suffer from tuberculosis, where it becomes thicker and narrows.
Urine from the bladder drains by the urethra, which is about 20 cm long in men, and about 4 cm in women. Urinary tract inflammation in males is due to prostate gland disease or due to the gonorrhea.
Because the urethra is short, women often experience urethra inflammation and also because the colon hole is close to the urethra. Inflammation is manifested by severe pain around the urethra and during urination.



Composition of the tea:

  • 40 g stems of horse tail.
  • 40 g leaves of peppermint.
  • 40 g leaves St John’s wort.
  • 40 g leaves plantago lanceolata.
  • 20 g stems breckland thyme.
  • 20 g white mustard.


Preparation and purpose of tea:

Grasses should be finely chopped and mixed well. Put 10 g of the mixture into 1 litter boiled water and boil on a steady fire, with closed lid for about 1 ½ minute. Let it cool down, with the closed lid. Sift the tea in the bottle, close and keep in dark and cold place. Consume, 3 times per day, 1 dcl before the meal and ½ dcl after the meal. The first day, after each dose, consume a medium spoon of olive oil, and the second day, a small spoonful of fresh lemon juice.

Nutrition, instructions and prohibition are the same as in the treatment of urinary bladder inflammation. The area around the small of the back, groins and under the stomach should be warmly dressed.


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