Japanese massage to release from negative emotions

The Japanese have many different treatment methods and therapies, and shiatsu or pressing your fingers is another interesting method you can learn.


This technique has different styles, but all involve the use of fingers and hands to maintain the health of organs and improve mood.


This is a massage, for which you need your hands and 5 minutes of time, and in that period, expect to put your emotions and organs in a positive position.

Each finger is associated with certain organs and emotions:


 Emotions: anxiety, depression

Organs: stomach


The indicatorEmotions: fear, disappointment Organs: kidneys, bladder


Middle finger

Emotions: anger, indecision

Organs: liver, gallbladder


Fourth fingerEmotions: sadness, fear, regret Organs: lungs, colon



Small fingerEmotions: nervousness, suspicion in themselves Organs: heart, small intestine


Massage instructions:Hold your thumb on your left hand with your right hand as if you tighten it in your fist. Press and hold it for 1 minute. Repeat with each finger on both hands. Then, with the thumb of your right hand, press in the center of your left palm and hold for 2 minutes. Repeat with your other hand.If you want to know how much you need to press, you should feel pulsing

Each finger is associated with certain organs and emotions – you can only pay attention to one finger or give the time to everyone for the overall care of the body

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