Juice recipe that destroys cancer for 42 days


The cancer survivors swear on this Austrian doctor’s recipe: The treatment lasts 42 days!


Rudolf Bryce of Austria has devoted his entire life to finding the best natural cure for cancer. He made a special juice that gave excellent results in the treatment of this disease.


Using his method, he cured over 45,000 people of cancer and other serious illnesses. According to Bryce, cancer survivors are only proteins. So he devised a special fast for 42 days, during which only teas and this special vegetable juice were drunk, and the main ingredient was beets. During these 42 days, cancer cells starve and die, while the health of the whole organism improves.

Brooks juice is made only from environmentally friendly pesticide-free vegetables. The juice can also be made from home-made vegetables, and here’s what it consists of:

-beetroot 55%
– carrot 20%
-20% celery root
– potato 3%
– 2% black beet


It is important to note that beet juice should not be exaggerated, but should be consumed according to the needs of the therapy. For example, for treating liver cancer, Bryce recommends a maximum dose of 500 ml of juice a day prepared according to his prescription.
Beetroot is already a traditionally known cure for leukemia. It contains the amino acid betaine which has anti-cancer properties. Beetroot therapy, which involves consuming beet juice or raw grated beetroot daily, has been shown to have a positive effect on leukemia and many other cancers, as witnessed by thousands of people.

Regular consumption of beets also helps against diseases caused by oxidative stress, and the fiber contained in beets can reduce cholesterol levels by up to 40%.
Beetroot is also known for normalizing blood pressure and helping to maintain the elasticity of blood vessels. Beetroot prevents and treats varicose veins, if consumed daily for a month, with a few weeks break.

Beetroot iron is a powerful means of cleansing the body of toxins and building up blood. That is why beetroot is also effective in treating many diseases caused by toxic substances.
Beetroot is especially recommended for pregnant women because it is rich in folic acid. Besides, beets stimulate liver and gall bladder work, prevent constipation, an excellent remedy for gout, kidney disease, and gall bladder.

But its healing does not end there, the beetle is incredibly healing and helps with headaches, toothache, dysentery, bone pain, skin, and menstrual cramps.

The whole therapy has been described by Brooks in 3 books that have been translated into all world languages. During these 42 days, he recommends starving and drinking juices and teas. There is also a specially formulated tea blend, that is, it has three types of herbal blends that he has used to treat all cancers. He had a different diet regimen for each cancer, but they all included this juice and the tea blend.

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