Kidney stones


Kidney stones are created from waste materials and salts found in urine.

As there is less urine, there is more waste material and salt in it. The stones mostly occur in one of kidneys. Also, one stone is most commonly encountered, while rare cases when there are several stones in the kidney at the same time.
The disease affects most men aged 25 to 45. In children and people over the age of 45, the stone occurs mainly in the urinary bladder.

Тo this disease are prone people who are very sweating at work and lose a lot of fluids, those people who very rarely urinate; they urinate rarely because they do not take more amounts of fluids.
The main sign of the disease is strong pain in the kidney area, which spreads along the urinary tract to the crotch. With pain there is nausea and vomiting. Pain acts as an attack that gradually falls and repeats itself. These are so called – kidney colic. They start suddenly, caused by the driving on the rough road, when a man jumps or runs and so on. Until then, stone has been still in his position; however, with the external influence is triggered and closes urine flow.
With strong clamping of the kidney or urinary tract, body tries to squeeze out the stone; and this causes severe pain. After each attack at the end of the urination, a little blood is noticeable; sometimes the whole urine is bloody. Blood stems from the fact that the stone has damaged the drainage channel.


Composition of the tea:

  • 40 g stems of smooth rupturewort.
  • 40 g leaves of bearberry.
  • 40 g “veins” of Spiny Restharoow.
  • 30 g raw fruits rose hip.
  • 30 g leaves of birch.
  • 30 g leaves and flowers of yarrow.
  • 20 g common

Preparation and purpose of tea:

Grasses should be finely chopped and mixed well. Put 15 g of grass mixture overnight into 2 liters of water. In the morning, put on a steady fire and when you boil it, keep on the fire one minute. Let it cool down, with the closed lid. Sift the tea in the bottle and add fresh lemon juice (from 1 lemon). Drink tea instead of water. Daily drink at least 1 ½ liters. Besides this, during the meals, 3 times per day, drink ½ dcl “weak” tea prepared from “veins” and stems of butcher’s broom.
Food should be cooked, mash and without salt. Don’t drink fresh, piped, water. First let the water boil and cool, and then drink it. It is also forbidden to drink mineral water, to eat greasy foods and canned products. Instead of the above mentioned tea, the treatment of stone-sand in the kidneys may serve tea from the following grasses:

  • 60 g leaves of birch.
  • 60 g couch grass (underground part).
  • 40 g stems of horse tail.
  • 40 g minced fruit if rose hip.
  • 20 g stems of wild thyme.


The preparation of the tea, the way of usage and all other instructions are the same as in the previous recipe.


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