Kidney Tuberculosis and Natural Cure


Beside the lungs, tuberculosis is the most common kidney disease. Tuberculosis of the kidney is a consequence of primary tuberculosis infection, which was apparently calmed. However, because of the weakness of the organism – weak immunity, bacilli of tuberculosis has been re-activated and blood spreads them into the body. Kohinoor bacilli come to the kidneys, nesting and causing the disease.

The disease occurs between 20 and 40 years of age. The bacilli are previously placed in the bark beneath its surface. They can stay here for years without the signs of the disease. Thanks to the resistance of the body, it comes to spontaneous cure. However, when the infection spreads, it comes to the center of the kidney, which causes inflammation of the kidneys, disintegration, and the formation of the cavity, as in the lungs. From there, infection can very easily spread to the kidneys, urinary tract, and urinary bladder.

Initially, tuberculosis does not show particular symptoms that would be different from other kidney diseases. The first sign of the disease is frequent urination and the appearance of blood in the urine. Excessive body temperature also appears, but it does not have to be regular. Pain in the area of the kidney occurs quite often.



Tea composition:

50g stems of horse tail.
50g of chicory.
50g of couch grass (underground part).
30 g stems of wild thyme.
30g stems of heather.
20g stems of white mustard.


Preparation and purpose of tea:

Grasses should be finely chopped and mixed well. Put 10 g of the mixture into 1 litter boiled water and boil, with closed lid, for about one minute. Let it cool down and sift in bottle. Daily consume 1 litter tea at the same time intervals. Doses should be in 10 dcl. After each dose, consume one spoon of olive oil.
Food should be prepared exclusively with oil and consumed as much fruits and vegetables as possible, especially wild greens. Consume high calorie and varied foods, as hard boiled stews.
During treatment of the disease it’s forbidden to consume: coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, very salty foods, snack foods, canned products and to do hard physical work. It is imperative to worm your back, groins and stomach. If the patient urinate irregular, it’s good to consume, with the meals, 3 times per day 1 dcl of moderately prepared tea of yarrow and parsley leaves.

The following tea can be used to treat this disease:


  • 100g of couch grass (underground part).
  • 100g stems of horse tail.
  • 50g mistletoe.
  • 40g stems of heather.
  • 40g roots of valeriana.
  • 20g leaves plantago laceolata.
  • 20g leaves plantago major.


Tea should be prepared and consumed as in the previous recipe.

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