Leukemia and Natural Cure

Bleeding or leukemia is a blood disease that constantly reduces the number of red and increases the number of white blood cells.

Under normal circumstances, the ratio of these bodies is 1: 600, i.e. Approximately 600 red blood cells come to one white.

However, in this disease, this ratio changes so that at a more advanced stage it is 1:10 and even 1: 2. The disease resembles strong anemia, but it is far more severe due to complications that occur on the bloodstream. Then there is a severe swelling of the spleen and lymph glands, which can grow to the size of the hand. A side effect of leukemia is a blood-borne disease that can occur in all parts of the body, both in the inner and the outer.

Bleeding can be so hard that it can scarcely be stopped.Regarding the success of treatment, it is important to note that this disease can be treated at the very beginning of its formation, i.e. in the initial stage. (Chronic forms today are relatively successfully treated clinically and in the hospital with appropriate medication.)


Tea content:

30 g of stalks of stem

30 g of amicia leaves

30 g of stubble stems

30 g milled black pepper spruces

30 g stewed gypsum

20 g of a Arnica Montana

 20 g of Icelandic lichen

20 g fennel stems

 20 g of linden flower

20 g of root and nettle

20 g of cocked flaxseed

20 g mussel seed pine seed

20 g of wild mulberry leaves

Preparation and application of tea:


The grass is strongly crushed and blended. In 1 liter, swirl the water with 10 g of the mix, boil down for 1 minute and then cool it down. Cold tea poured into the bottle and 3 times a day to drink 1 dcl before meals and 1/2 dl after meals.

After all the drinks, the middle tablespoons of equally mixed amounts of honey and lemon juice are taken, which is prepared separately each time.At lunchtime and dinner, one day, eat 2 tablespoons of grated carrots wrapped with olive oil, and another day grated sour apples sweetened with honey with a little freshly fried lemon juice.

Daily 3 times to drink 1 dcl of chopped pickle from caraway. Daily 2 times to drink 1 dcl (unfertilized) pickle from wild pear or honey. After 1 tbsp black mackerel (Shanduda), eat 2 times a day.Generally it is necessary to eat as much as possible food, especially fried liver and spleen. All types of food are allowed. Smoking is strictly forbidden.

It is mandatory to walk more in the clean air, and it is recommended to work lightly. The dark black caraway pickle is prepared so that 1 liter of caraway oil is poured 1/2 liters of water and all together let it stand for 24 hours. After this, 1 liter of boiled but cooled water is added and 1/4 kg of sugar or honey. It all mix well, cover it and put it on a light fire to crack. After the mixture has been examined, it is sieved and stored in a cold place.

When the caraway is squeezed must be careful not to crush the bone. A pickle of caraway can be prepared in larger quantities, but it should be kept in mind the same ratio of caraway, water and sugar, or honey.The wild pear pickle is prepared by placing 10 kg of wild pear, 1 liter of water, 2 kg of honey or 2 kg of sugar in a small barrel. The mixture should be allowed until it has boiled. It is necessary to mix more often in order to make boiling.

Everything is used for pickle.. Pears are eaten, and the liquid can be drank. If it happens that the pickle does not boil, it can still be used so that the pears chamfer and eat. In addition, it is recommended to treat the chest, saddle and shoulders with the same amount of  wine vinegar (domestic)  and water. After you have applied on the skin, dry well and moderately  warmed should  rest in airy room. Whenever an opportunity arises, grind pine needles, preferably they are younger.

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