Liquids help for low pressure, for high Mediterranean foods

With the change in weather conditions and spinnings, the spread of blood vessels results in exacerbation of symptoms of low blood pressure. These are dizziness, blurred vision, irregular heartbeat or skipping, thirst, shortness of breath, cold sweating and pale skin, and even unconsciousness.


In most cases, the low pressure that occurs in healthy and young people is not something worrying unless it is a consequence of any illness or medication.

To avoid lowering your blood pressure, you should not stand a long time in one place, especially in the sun. Take care not to make rough moves, as well as to enter as many fluids as possible.


During the warm days, people with low pressure are most vulnerable, but high-pressure people need to be careful. High pressure is more dangerous than low because it increases the risk of heart disease, infarction, and kidney failure, but problems occur more often during the winter period when blood vessels narrow down due to cold, so their penetration decreases, which increases the pressure.

Symptoms of high pressure may be dizziness, headache, neck, and feeling of chest weight and rapid fatigue. One of the symptoms of high blood pressure may be visual disturbances and this can lead to a stroke.


For the regulation of high blood pressure other than drugs, food can play an important role. People with high blood pressure should bring as much fruits and vegetables, fish and as few red meat as possible.


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