Lose weight with healthy diet


The purpose of this diet is to reduce metabolism, in addition to reducing weight, thus guaranteeing that the lost pounds will not be returned. The diet lasts 90 days and during that time weights from 18 to 25 kg. If it is necessary to lose weight then the diet can be interrupted, but no metabolism changes.


BREAKFAST: Eat fruits for 90 days. Always in a pair (2 apples, 2 pears, 2 oranges or a handful of berries). Diet always starts with a protein day and after a fruit day, it continues with a protein. The order of the days cannot be changed !!!


Lunch: Boiled or roasted meat in an amount equal to three slices of bread, a slice of bread, salad in unlimited quantities and then drank 200 ml of soup. 3 boiled or baked eggs can be eaten instead of meat. Milk and cheese to eat only this day. The soup must be drunk.

Dinner: Just like lunch, just without soup. Half of lunch. Take care – if you ate meat for lunch, then you would eat meat for dinner, and if you ate eggs, then you would eat eggs for dinner. If you consume cheese this day, then you will reduce the amount of meat or eggs by the amount of cheese.



Lunch: Cooked beans, peas, rice, potatoes (one of these by choice), with added spices (salt, mixed vegetable spice, black pepper, tomato sauce, oregano), slice of bread and salad.


Dinner: Just like lunch, 50% less



 Lunch: cooked pasta with spice additives or ketchup pizza.

Dinner: Two smaller pieces of cake or 3-4 cakes or 3 balls of ice cream and a mandatory 1 row of chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa.


Lunch and dinner: only fruit. Three times during the diet (once a month) a WATER DAY (drinking water only) is kept, which always comes after the fruit and is continued with the protein. Coffee and tea unlimited, no sugar.


After the diet is finished normally, the fruit remains for breakfast for 90 days. If you lose 3 pounds in the next 3 months of dieting, your metabolism changes. Otherwise, the diet should be repeated again.


The diet may seem complicated, but it is not. The amount of food is greater than what we normally consume, but the pounds still run away. Hope should not be lost, as it happens that even after 10 days the weight does not change and then sharply declines.

If you sometimes want to get juice, it is desirable that it be freshly pressed. Nothing must be skipped, every product has its purpose and the body must not be left without it. Chocolate prevents allergies that are present just when dieting.  It is desirable to measure blood pressure and blood count. All those who maintained the diet lost at least 10 kg without any health problems. People who suffer from high blood pressure after just a few weeks do not need to take medication. 

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Updated: January 10, 2020 — 4:47 pm

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