Low Blood Presure Natural Cure

Under this disease (Low Blood Presure) is the condition of the arterial blood vessel under the normal condition.

As the lower limit of regular diastolic pressure for adults, about 70 mm Hg is taken. In children these limits are often lower. Patients suffering from the disease usually have symptoms of vomiting and general weakness

Tea content:

40g stalks of wall germander

40g puzzle grass stems

40g of Achillea millefolium (the more flowers)

40g leaves and flowers of female St John’s-wort

40g leaves and flowers of the Hyssop

30g leaves and flowers of the calluna –blue flowers

30g thyme stems

30g leaves of wild mint

30g leaves of  birch

30g leaves and flowers of white calluna

30g Jimsonweed (more leaves)

20g  roots of Marsh mallow

20g of sage leaves

20g stalks of parsley

20g  stalks of Teucrium montanum

Preparation and application of tea:

Put 10 g of crushed grass mixture into 1 liter of water. Cook for 1 minute and cool it covered. Cool the tea and transfer it  in a bottle and drink 3 times a day for 1 dcl before and after meals. Additionally, drink 1 dcl at 10 and 16 o’clock.

After all  applications of tea before meals, you should take  a spoonful of refined olive oil and after meals application of the tea you should take 1 tablespoonful of soured apple juice, once a day, sweetened with honey, and the other day, with sugar. Nutrition in the treatment of this disease is without limitation ; but do not overdo it in tobacco, coffee and alcohol. Only food with lots of salt is not allowed.

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