As a particular form of headache, migraine usually occurs at a younger age, and is often hereditary. It is, in fact, a chronic disease in which headache occurs in seizures, ie occasionally, and mainly affects half of the head.

Time attacks last from a few hours to a whole day.Headaches include general nausea, nausea, tearing of the eyes, dizziness, sweating and vomiting. Before the attack itself, signs appear in the form of eye disorders such as glitter, sparkling and the appearance of “asterisks” in front of the eyes.

Usually the attacks start in the morning, after waking up, last for several hours and gradually disappear.Migraine attacks very often cause physical and mental stress, and in women they occur just before and during the first days of menstruation.


The cause of migraine headache is thought to be interference with the enlargement of the blood vessels of the head and brain. First the blood vessels spasm and then their enlargement. These changes are mainly due to the hypersensitivity of the organism to various adverse effects.



Tea content:

50 grams of rose leaves and flowers

50 grams of cowslip root

40 grams of sweet flag root

40 grams of marjoram leaves

30 grams of linden flowers

30 grams of valerian (root or the whole plant)

20 grams of rosemary leaves

20 grams of Achillea millefolium leaves and flowers

20 grams of Mugworts leaves

10 grams of violet

10 grams of Teucrium montanum stems

10 grams of Gentiana lutea lode

10 grams of St John’s-wort leaves and flowers

Preparation and application:

Crash and mix the grass. In 1 liter boiling and cooled water, put 10 grams of the grass mix to stay over the night. In the morning put it on a mild fire and cook it over 1 ½ minute. When the tea is cooled, filter it and transfer it into a bottle and keep it closed.

Consume it 3 times a day, sweetened with honey, before and after every meal. You can add some lemon juice.

It is forbidden to consume black coffee, do not smoke, do not use oil in the cooking.

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