This infectious disease is common in children. It is spread on places where there are many children, such as schools, kindergartens and similar. The cause of the disease is a virus, and it is transmitted by saliva. The time from infection to disease outbreak lasts from 14 to 20 days. When a disease occurs, a child first feels fatigue, headache, and pain in the legs and hands. Sometimes occurs vomiting, and in some case occur sore throat. After that are swollen the glands and face.

It is interesting that in most cases is swollen left side of the face, and later on and right side. In milder cases, when the disease persists only on the gastric gland, swelling lasts for 8 to 10 days, and the disease is overcome. In severe cases, the disease is prolonged for up to a month. Mumps follow complications such as inflammation of the testicles in male children and breasts and ovaries in female children. Sometimes irritation and inflammation of the brain and pancreas occur.


Tea content:

20 grams of thyme stems

20 grams of Teucrium montanum stems

20 g of summer savory leaves and flowers

20 g of mugworts leaves

20 g of blueberry leaves

20 g of Achillea millefolium leaves

20 g of Althaea officinalis root


Preparation and application:

Crash the grass and mix it good. In 1 litre boiling water put 5 grams of the mix and cook it for 1 minute. When the tea is cold transfer it into a bottle. In equal time intervals drink it 8 times a day for ½ dcl mild hot tea. You can sweeten it with honey and you can put few lemon drops.

Eat cooked foods with as much vitamins as possible. Live in the tempered rooms of moderate temperature, without flowers emitted. Under the premises where he is staying during treatment he / she must not be washed with water.




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