Natural cure for Lichens on beard


Lichen Planus Pigmentosus Treatment And Oral Scalp

Lichens on the beard is an infectious skin disease that is the cause of fungi.


Once upon a time, the disease was fairly widespread due to the low level of hygiene conditions, both personal and at the barbershops.Today, this disease is much less common.  Lichens on the beard is a very unpleasant disease because it causes severe pain and lasts quite a long time. If the infection comes through the skin, then the gums of the sebaceous glands appear and from which of the middle comes out one hair. Hair  gradually descend, and in diseased places there are neoplasms like bulges , the remaining hairs can be torn without difficulty because their root is completely destroyed.




Use each new shave for each shave. Do not brush your mustache with a toothbrush, but with a gentle fingernail. After shaving, beard and flakes are moistened with liquid that is prepared from alcoholic and tea. First pour 1 liter of alcohol 40 vol °6 into the liters bottle, then apply equal amounts of finely chopped summer savory and sage (as much as it can stand). Keep the bottle shut and hold, with occasional shaking for 24 hours. Then pour and mix with the tea.

Tea is prepared from the following herbs:



20 g of leaf plantago

20 g of flowers and leaves of summer savory 

20 g of flowers and leaves of thyme 

All There Is To Know About Lichen Planus(Lichens)


Put the mixture of grass in 1 liter of water and cook on a silent heat covered for 5 minutes. When the tea is cooled, drained and mixed with the previously mentioned alcoholic mix. Liquid fluid must always be closed or sealed with a cork stopper. After your chin is soaked and dried, lightly spread the chanterelle oil.

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