Natural Cure for Oncological Diseases

This drug recommends Russian doctor Vostok to treat oncological diseases.



 500 g of green nuts 

500 g of honey 

500 g of aloe juice  



Nuts should be collected before June 24. All the ingredients are placed in a jar and allowed to stand for 40 days with occasional stirring. After 40 days the mixture is processed and ready for use.


Three times a day for a teaspoon, before eating. If used for one year, all skin diseases can be eliminated, the thyroid gland is improved, the blood is purified from toxins and the parasite organism, and also used to treat paradentosis.

In the case of bad tumors, it can be used in combination with walnut paste ointments which are used as follows: A handful of walnut barrels are finely powdered and mixed with Vaseline or melted fat about 1: 1. With this  remedy, you apply it on a painful spot.

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