Natural remedy against urinary infection with Escherichia coli bacteria




200 g chopped garlic


200 g of young peaks, pins of fresh rosemary


1 liter of homemade wine (pure, no wine bars)




All stated should be mixed and allowed to stand for 15 days in a glass bowl in a cool place.

It is processed several times, so the resulting tincture is stored in a glass container and stored in a refrigerator.


Shelf life: unlimited.



Adults in the morning hungry one tablespoon.


Children over 3 years: 1 small teaspoon in the morning in the fasting.


Bacteria very easily attack the human body, especially when immunity is weakened, and at times the patient is not even aware that there is any infection.


This is also the dangerous colic of the echelon, which is the most common cause of urinary infections in men, women and children.

It is very common in pregnant women due to the urinary tract relaxation.

The most common cause for transmission of this bacterium is the proximity of the anus and vagina in women, so it easily finds the path to the bladder. Sexual intercourse is also a common cause of the onset of this infection, so it is recommended that after each intercourse the woman and man should urinate.

Causes of this infection may also be the cold that reduces immunity. Often, it also occurs due to irregularly changing wet bathing suits, that is, a longer sitting in a wet suit.


Irregular and irregular diet, physical inactivity, diabetes, some contraceptives, or insufficient fluid intake can also trigger the occurrence of  Escherichia coli.





-Treatment pain is accompanied by trembling when urinating. The urination urge is so frequent that a person can not wait for a moment.


-Blood may also occur in the urine, and if the infection spreads to the kidneys, then there is pain in the area of ​​weakness, increased fever, malaise, sometimes even vomiting.



Most often with single or triple doses of antibiotics, depending on the doctor’s assessment.


Of great help are the products from cranberry. Also help the ingested tea, tea from corn silk, parsley and dill.

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