Natural Remedy for purification of tar and sticky mucus in smokers



1 jar of natural honey 

1 jar tahini 

1 kg of crushed nuts

 1 kg of crushed almonds 

1 kg sesame 1 kg lemon ( squeezed) 


PROCEDURE: Mix everything together and take one spoonful spoon in the morning and evening. You can reduce the amount proportionately.

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 1 kg of onions 

1 smaller root ginger, peeled 

1 liter of water 

400 g of honey 

1 smaller roots of turmeric 

PROCEDURE: If you can not find a fresh root of turmeric, then use the following measure: 2.5 cm = spoon freshly grated root = 1 teaspoon turmeric powder

Put the fire on the water to boil, then lower the fire. Silently add the remaining ingredients: first the honey, melting completely, so grated onions and ginger, and finally turmeric. Allow the syrup to be cooked until the liquid is halved. Store in glass jars. Store in a refrigerator.


USE: It is consumed twice a day on an empty stomach:

-Two morning tables are taken in the morning and you do not eat anything for the next half hour.

-In the evening, take two spoons, two hours before dinner.

Here’s how this elixir works:

Ginger: This is a natural heater that heats you, accelerates circulation, cleans all the toxins and excess secretion in the lungs. This extraordinary gift of nature will not let you down. It is the basic ingredient of syrup.

Onions: It is used often in syrups of this kind, because it helps to easily mucous to get out of the chest. The onion also cleanses the blood and increases immunity.

Turmeric: It’s a top-ranked grocer between the spices. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids that help against viruses, harmful bacteria and cancer.

Honey – This is the gold of nature, the best that exists to keep the taste and quality of the drink. Rich in all necessary antibacterial, antiviral, antioxidant ingredients, vitamins and minerals that help fight disease, heals and rejuvenates.

Water – The best drink that exists in the world. Water is a conveyor of all the listed ingredients.

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