Now you can heal diabetes and lose weight


An opinion, is it important for you to live a healthy, normal life, or to get rid of bad habits?

” Diabetes is a disease that affects both young and old people. The most common cause is stress, but also irregular nutrition.

Obesity increases the risk of getting diabetes. You may think that there are many obese people and they do not have diabetes.

True, but it is also true that they all have a poorer quality of life than slender people, with numerous risks in their health.

Diabetes is not obtained at once, but as a mental illness gradually conquers you until you get to the point that you can not live without therapy.

And of course, you could have prevented it if you reacted in a timely manner. You need to be aware of your lifestyle, diet, regular drinking of prescribed medication, regular eating and not skipping meals, especially breakfast.

In vain if you drink medicines and do not eat healthy – the advice of a man who has been cured and weakened 11 kilograms.
Keep in mind that if you do not eat properly, you may face severe consequences such as blindness, amputation, etc.

You should often be self-monitoring because the wounds in diabetics are more likely to heal.  Here is a natural remedy that acts as a preventive agent for diabetes, but it also works well for already sick people, because it regulates the level of blood sugar.


 *1 hand chopped kale

*5 fruits of kiwi, peeled

*1 banana

*1 apple



Put all the ingredients in a blender with half a liter of water. One cup of 250 ml is drunk in the morning before breakfast, and the rest during the day.

Consider, is it important for you to live a healthy, normal life, or to shrink from bad habits?

Updated: March 6, 2019 — 12:55 am

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