Onion in olive oil






Onion helps fight heart disease, helps with coughs, coughs and viruses, while also reducing high blood pressure.


Olive oil has the ability to cure the colon, has proven to be an excellent protector of breast cancer, diabetes, heart problems, arthritis, high cholesterol, for weakening, for improving metabolism, for improving digestion, preventing premature aging and cancer.


½ of jar – onion

½ jar – olive butter 


The onion is also peeled with a knife or a fork with a fork, then rows in a jar. Stir in olive oil to the rope, close the jar and leave in a dark place for at least 15 days to one month at room temperature. Potatoes and butter are ready for consumption.




For heart and blood problems, cholesterol and gallbladder problems, one buttermilk is hungry every morning, and 1-2 garlic onions can be eaten (during the day, up to 4- 6 cherries). The second lie is consumed as needed during the day or evening before bedtime.


Updated: November 18, 2019 — 8:51 am

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