New Year’s Eve Diet Resolutions

  Do you make your New Year’s resolution different every year? Making small changes in diet and exercise will reap big rewards. Here are a few tips for a healthier diet: Don’t skip breakfast.  “Skipping breakfast gives you the munchies later on and slows your metabolism down.” We advise to start the day with yogurt and fruit […]

Garlic water

    Garlic contains medicinal properties that naturally fight bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Laboratory studies and analyzes have confirmed that raw garlic destroys pathogenic microorganisms, lowers blood fat and potentially lowers blood pressure.   Some studies have also confirmed that garlic can stimulate the immune system and slow down tumor growth.   Drink garlic water […]

Fish oil

    Here are the benefits if you consume one tablespoon of fish oil each day, from autumn until spring:   If you are having a cardiovascular problem it will be greatly reduced.   Increases flexibility and speed of thinking.   The immune system is stronger. The body fights the bacteria and viruses that attack […]