Stroke (Apoplexia)

  Stroke is a very serious and often deadly disease. It occurs as a result of atherosclerosis, brain blood vessel disease, high blood pressure, walking disease and other causes. It is a disease of older people, but it also occurs in younger people prone to high blood pressure. The disease affects more men than women.If […]

Children’s brain retardation

This disease occurs as a result of brain damage before, during childbirth or during the first months of a child’s life. The disease is manifested by spasmodic involvement of the lower limbs. The upper limbs are very rarely removed.   The disease is rarely caused by inflammation of the brain or inflammation of the lining […]


    As a particular form of headache, migraine usually occurs at a younger age, and is often hereditary. It is, in fact, a chronic disease in which headache occurs in seizures, ie occasionally, and mainly affects half of the head. Time attacks last from a few hours to a whole day.Headaches include general nausea, […]