Onion in olive oil

          Onion helps fight heart disease, helps with coughs, coughs and viruses, while also reducing high blood pressure.   Olive oil has the ability to cure the colon, has proven to be an excellent protector of breast cancer, diabetes, heart problems, arthritis, high cholesterol, for weakening, for improving metabolism, for improving […]

The Miraculous Carrot

Did you know that carrot is a natural cure for diarrhea? It is an essential ingredient for cleansing the body because it is rich in antioxidants. Carrots have been proven to be the largest source of beta-carotene, which in the body is converted to vitamin A, and is necessary for the proper functioning of the […]


The disease occurs in diseases of the inner ear, visual disturbances, migraines, disorders of blood circulation, seasickness and other diseases of movement (by plane and bus or so-called “kinetosis”.)   It is a condition when a person is disturbed by the balance, and occurs as a symptom of many nervous and other diseases. When dizziness […]

Chestnut cures 13 diseases

In the fall we get a fruit that is very healthy and appreciated when it comes to nutrients, minerals and vitamins.   Like other nuts, chestnut contains fat, but in much smaller quantities. It is obese and contains vitamins that work well on the body. Healthy amount of chestnut daily, to get all its positive […]