Psoriasis Causes and Natural Cure

Psoriasis it is a typical skin disorder that the people call lichen because under term lichen can only be determined a dry, blistering skin.

At the beginning, the lichen resembles as plaster drops. Gradually increases and covers with white light deposits – skin creams. From these fundamental forms later on, various forms can be developed.The debris occurs first on the hands and feet, especially on the elbows and knees, then on the head, on the hair that either falls or slams with the lumpy deposits. It is often the case that the hair crosses the neck and forehead. This is especially important because it can be detected and distinguished from other skin diseases. The course of the same disease is diverse, but still takes several years. When it disappears suddenly and sometimes it develops slowly. It occurs in lonely places, and sometimes in larger areas.

Healing Eczema, Psoriasis,

If it is not treated, the disease spreads throughout the body. Sometimes it seems to be cured, however, it suddenly appears again. There are no special disturbances except that at the very beginning of the itchy skin there is little skin.If the disease is out of date or is occupied by a large stomach, painful disturbances occur because the skin has become dry and non-elastic so that it shoots at the slightest movement. That is why at that stage of the disease the patients are very weak. The disease is not contagious. (Sunburn or ultraviolet rays favorably affect psoriasis.)


Every third day, have a bath with a clean soap. After bathing, rinse with cold water and quickly dry with light touches of the towel. After that, moist the affected parts of the body and soak up the tea with a mixture of grass:

40 g sheets of Symphytum officinale

30 g of yellow rosemary leaves

20 g of Prunus spinosa (dried or fresh)

10 g of Lycopodium clavatum

Psoriasis could be an embarrassing problem for most people. In this post, we discuss the ways to use apple cider vinegar for psoriasis treatment. Read on.

 Preparation and application of:

The beans should be chopped and mixed. In 1 liter of boiling water put 20 g of grass mixture and cook for 5 minutes. When the tea cools down, pour it into a bottle. After moistening and flushing the diseased spots, dry and spread with melt prepared from the following ingredients:
4 dcl of homemade olive oil

4 tablespoons of unsaturated young butter from sour milk

4 tablespoons of cream of sweet milk ( milk cream)

20 g of flowers and leaves of ordinary rosemary

20 g of flowers and leaves of lavender

20 g of Sambucus nigra

10 g of male and female Plantago (equal quantity)

4 remèdes naturels pour traiter la gale

Preparation and application of melody:

Place the ingredients in a deeper bowl and lightly mix in a soft fire until the butter and the cream dissolve. Then add 2 dcl chanterelle oil and stir for 40 minutes, making sure that the temperature of the mixture is not higher than 70 ° C, which means that the mixture should not be blocked. Mix the freshly drenched tree of the Sambucus nigra or the Plantago. Sprinkle the hot salve through the strainer with a thin griddle in the jar. When it cools, clog and hold clogged.

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