Purifying diet with fruits and vegetables


Cleanse your body for 3 days with this light diet of fruits and vegetables…


Although it does not lead to a permanent reduction in weight, a purifying diet improves digestion and is ideal for summer as it contains light meals in moderation.


The fruit and vegetable purifier diet was created by nutrition expert Jay Rob. Its purpose is to cleanse the body, improve digestion and reduce weight quickly. The purified diet of fruits and vegetables combines protein drinks and fresh foods.


The purification diet is kept for 3 consecutive days. If you feel better than her, you can observe her every week, but no more than 12 consecutive weeks. You should be in good health when you decide to keep this diet.


Day 1 – Preparation for purification


The first day of purification is important to prepare for the next 2 days. On this day you should drink about 150 ml. protein shake for 2 hours.


How to make a protein shake?

1 l water and protein powder – as directed (with low sugar content).


1 hour after taking the protein shake and before drinking the next, you should drink at least 2-3 glasses of water. The author of the diet recommends that the water be purified through a filter or bottled.

At 6 pm it’s time for dinner. You can eat between 3 – 6 cups of fresh vegetable salad. There are no restrictions, but the recommendation is to have plenty of green leafy vegetables. If you are very hungry, add 100-200g. chicken, fish or turkey meat. Remember to drink plenty of water again.


Day 2 and Day 3 – Purification


The second and third days are actually the purification. During the day eat plenty of fruit, and for dinner – again vegetables and a protein shake. Example menu for day 2 and day 3 of the purification diet.


8 am – 1/2 melon


10 am – 2 cups of raspberries


12 pm – 1 banana


2 pm – 2 medium apples


4 pm – 300 gr. watermelon


6 pm – 3-6 cups of fresh vegetable salad and a protein shake (300 ml of water + 5 tablespoons of protein powder)


Important: Remember to drink at least 2-3 glasses of water between meals.


Prohibited Food and Drinks:


– coffee


-fruit juice


-carbonated drinks


– canned, dried and frozen fruit




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