Quince is a great remedy for the stomach, intestines and lungs

Whatever quince can cure – the recipes are at the bottom of the text.


-The fruits and leaves and the seeds, especially the juice and the syrup, are healthy. Thanks to tannin and mucus it has a beneficial effect on intestinal function and prevents infectious diseases.


The quince, a fall fruit, is a real vitamin bomb. In addition to the minimum amount of calories, it is high in protein, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, and contains a lot of tannin and pectin.


Most of the vitamins contain vitamin C, but in large quantities it contains carotene (provitamin A), vitamins B1 and B2, as well as niacin. It is rich in copper, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron, sulfur, chlorine.


Quince seeds contain up to 15% oil and large amounts of the important amigdalin, that is, vitamin B17, which has an anticancer effect. The seeds are also rich in fat, tannins, pectin, sugars, malic acid, emulsin and protidom. Allow them to stand in water to release mucus. This fluid is great for the lungs.


Because of all this, quince is an extremely medicinal fruit.


The fruits and leaves and the seeds, especially the juice and syrup, are healing. Thanks to tannin and mucus it has a beneficial effect on intestinal function and prevents infectious diseases.


– Quince juice if cooked with the same amount of sugar, cures cough, asthma and acute diarrhea.


– Quince or boiled quince is recommended for inflammation of the stomach and intestinal mucosa, but also for the treatment of anemia.


– Quince blossom tea helps soothe cough, and seed tea soothes, helps with insomnia, and neutralizes bad breath.

Quinces are a great combination of roast meat, chicken, duck, beef and game meat. The French have been making quince cheese for centuries by baking 2 pounds of quince until it is completely softened.


When cooled, the quince is cut into pieces and pasted. The resulting mass is weighed and the corresponding amount of sugar is added (1 kg of quince puree is added 1 kg of sugar). Cook again over low heat for about 45 minutes, stirring constantly. Immediately after cooking, quince cheese is poured into a suitable casserole, shallow glass bowl or into smaller plates.


When cool, the dessert should be cut into cubes, smeared in sugar, and put in a dark, dry place to stand.


This cheese is a powerful source of energy and can be consumed as a medicine to improve digestion. Not only recommended for diabetics and overweight people.



Tea for cough relievers, for respiratory tract and bronchitis:

Wash, clean and cut the fruit into four sections. Remove the seeds and the hard part around them, and cut the meat part on the leaves and immediately put in a liter of water so it does not change color.


Cook over low heat for about 15-20 minutes, then allow to cool. Strain the tea and drink it in sips throughout the day.


Bronchitis syrup

A folk remedy for coughs and inflammation of the airways, you can prepare it very simply from just a few quince seeds.


Procedure: crush five quince seeds and pour 100 ml of water. When creating a thick mucus fluid, add 15 g fresh teapot juice and 100 g sage honey. Consume 1 teaspoon three times daily before a meal.


Digestive problems can be easily eliminated with quince juice.


Đˆuice for the stomach

Procedure: Wash and lightly stir in 1 kg quince, then strain through gauze. Drink the juice immediately because it oxidizes very quickly. It is best to drink it before eating, on a fasting basis.


Ointment for burnings

The balm is made from quince seeds.

Procedure: crush 10 g of quince seeds, pour 200 ml of water and wait for the mucus to form. Apply it to the affected part of the body, directly or as a coating.

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