Reasons why you should pay particular attention to the symptoms of a stroke

An acute stroke, commonly known as scholar, is more common in the spring than in any other season, according to Japanese scientists.

This conclusion came after extensive research, and the results were published in the American medical journal “Strouk”.


In a 12-year study involving stroke patients, it was found that, in both women and men, regardless of age, the stroke by 25% was more common in March, April and May than in other months.

Scientists have failed to find an explanation for this phenomenon, but state that the cause is likely to lie in the oscillations of blood pressure that depend on the time of year.


It is known, that the untreated high pressure, in addition to diabetes, obesity and smoking, is one of the leading risks for a stroke.

Doctors note that it is crucial that risk factors for stroke are recognized on time.


Only in this way can serious complications be avoided. Stroke is a neurological disease caused by a circulatory disorder in the brain, which leads to insufficient supplies in certain parts of the brain with oxygen and nutrients.

Problems arise due to clogged blood vessels from thrombus, blood clotting or spraying and blood flow to the brain tissue or brain casing. The disease occurs abruptly or gradually, within a few hours or days, without the onset of pain that is characteristic of the heart attack.


Every minute is precious!

Stroke requires immediate medical intervention to preserve brain functions and prevent disability. When brain damage occurs, treatment is based on rehabilitation and an attempt to prevent the next stroke. Unfortunately, due to the late appearance of a doctor, almost 33% of the cases end in death.


This disease most often affects people over the age of 40, and the frequency is twice as high after 60. Inadequately treated high blood pressure in four times increases the risk of stroke.

At high risk are people with developed atherosclerosis and high blood sugar that do not control the disease and ignore the recommended diet. By detecting and removing these diseases in a timely manner, the likelihood of a stroke is reduced.


– Ask the man to laugh!

People who have suffered stroke often think that it is a passing condition and refuse to call a doctor. Therefore, when you recognize a symptom of a stroke with someone, make sure it can laugh and call emergency help. If a blow is struck, the person will not be able to laugh.

-Ask the person to repeat a simple sentence!

If it is not able to do that, there is a problem in the functioning of the brain.


– Ask your face to raise your hands above your head. If there is no impact, it will raise them without any problem.

-Get to show his/hers tongue!

—-A stroke sign is if the tongue is hanging or is curved.

Updated: May 2, 2019 — 7:20 pm

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