Red Pimples – Rosacea Treatment

EXCLUSIVE: Carrie Smith, 38, from Glasgow, spent years unable to wear make up or skin products and wrapping herself up to protect herself from the sun, so desperate was she to prevent flare-ups.

In older people there are frequent skin changes, which are similar to ordinary skinned. These changes mostly occur on the nose and around the nose, first in the form of aprons and then tubers, which often come together and make up the rubbish. With pimples and tubers at the same time appear small tattered nails that gradually become darker and grow, and finally, so that the whole face becomes small-red.

Drastic diet change: One month in... This was me 2 months ago... My name is Heg. I am a musician and I have suffered from rosacea for two and a half years now. I was reluctant to write a blog about this but, as I've come on a bit of a journey trying to…

Inflammation and blood clutter reach such a level as to reveal the face, especially the nose, which completely loses its pivot shape. With this disease, patients often suffer from chronic gastric cancer.


Red Pimples – Rosacea Treatment

Tea composition:

20 g of roots of sweet ferns

20 g white mistletoe

 20 g of oak bark

20 g of wild dwarf leaves

20 g of thyme stems

20 g of flower glow

20 g of wild strawberries


Most Powerful and Older Natural Tea Treatment For Rosacea - Red Pimples

Preparation and application of tea:

Prepare light tea: in 1 liter of boiling water, put 2 1/2 g of the mixture and boil for 1 minute and cool off. If desired, tea can be sweetened with honey or freshly squeezed fruit juices can be poured into it. Drink the water for 2 months.


Rosacea Treatment, Explanation, Treatment and Health Advice - What to eat and advice what to avoid | Content by Healthy Food Encyclopedia

Eat cooked food prepared on vegetable oil, and most preferably mixed with ordinary and olive oil. Discard the cabbage; canned products, avoid baking. Use more red and white portions in your diet, both in the dish and in freshness. It is recommended to be fried foods with lots of cravings. Dismiss cigarettes and alcohol!


Avoid dusty and smoky rooms and cool and strong winds. In the winter protect your face. More about sports and hiking. It is necessary to detoxify the skin, alternatively swim in warm and cold water. The face is washed with clean, cold water and then spread the St John’s wort with oil.


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