Scabies – Natural Cure

An epidermis is a skin disease caused by an animal parasitic abnormal. Disease is an eczema, and it is caused by direct itching of the skin or by an unbalanced way – the damaged skin resulting from itching from pruritus itching.

scabies mite

The mite is so small that we see it as a small dotted point. The female is much larger than the males, and both have strong bones that bite into the skin.When a female is fertilized, she sits in the upper layer of skin where she creates a corridor that places her eggs and feces. Observed by our eyes, the corridor looks like a short, black move lengths of 1 to 5 cm.The itching spreads rapidly and takes up large parts of the body. Firstly are infected the fingers, the upper side of the upper limbs, the shoulder  and other places. The head is protected. With an infection, itching occurs immediately, causing the patients to swallow the blood. If the disease is not immediately treated, itching and combing can be developed with a scab exfoliation, so it does not rupture or recognize it.


Treatment (natural cure)

Salve composition:

200 gr Oat Bran

200 gr stalk of snail Elymus repens

50 gr of yellow rosemary

Scabies Itch Before and After, Symptoms and Treatment


Preparation and application of the salve(natural cure):

The ingredients should be chopped and mix in 10 liters of water, moisten the ingredients in a 12-hour period. Then cook on low heat covered for 10 minutes, cool and strain. In the mornings and in the evening, the infected parts should be lightly washed with the tea.  The place and cover it with a oil of the cantaloupe or milder salve for eczema.

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