Skin ulcers

Home Remedies for Bed Sores Treatment Naturally It is also termed as a pressure sore or pressure ulcer. Bed sore is basically an open wound on the skin, that is very common among the people who remain in their beds for a long period of time. When there is pressure against the skin, then usually there is a limit on the blood flow. Well, if you... #AlternativeCuresForBedSores, #BedSoreTreatment, #BedSores, #BedSoresCure, #BedSoresTreatmentAndPrevention, #CureBedSoresNaturally #SkinUlcers #SkinUlcersTreatment

Skin ulcers

Are acute inflammation of the sebaceous and sweaty skin glands, caused by bacteria. Mostly they are thrown into the dung that penetrates through the skin pores and create umbilical nodes, and later larger and harder nodes. They are deeply in the skin and because of their tenseness they cause great pain.After a few days, gentle softening of the skin begins, begins at the center and reaches the skin surface. Everywhere around is red, hot, and swollen. When inflammation penetrates into deeper layers, it causes mumps. Some people are inclined to the guts while they are healthy. 1 diabetic disease often causes sores.

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Skin ulcers Treatment

Pay special attention to personal hygiene. Avoid dusty places and regularly bath. At the end of bathing, shower with cold water and dry with soft touch. After bathing, once a week, moisturize the whole body with a mixture of tea and alcohol, which is described in acne treatment. In addition, each day change clothes.When it is formed, it is necessary to place a cotton cloth soaked in a strong brandy (45 vol.%), And overnight a roasted red onion with a little olive oil (the onions are peeled and sliced). Ulcers will soon be silent and the “wound” will soon go out. Keep the wound clean and regularly rinse with moderate tea of ​​the same amount of coin-sized flowers and the leaves of the ankle. Put on 1 liter of water to put 5 g of grass mixture and boil for 1 minute. Once the liquid cools down, it can be used.

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