Speckled Liver : Pictures, Causes & Treatment

The cause of the disease is fungi. The disease usually occurs on the abdomen and back. Spikes often merge to make larger surfaces. Sprouts are created in the grove of filthy fungus deposits that can easily be razed to the nails. The disease is not dangerous and does not cause any particular discomfort, it causes a slight itching and causes severe sweating, especially in small children.


Glazy - Glaze, Red, Copper, John's Red



Tea composition:

 20 g of leaves of peppermint 

20 g leaves and roses  of Milfoil

20 g Teucrium montanum (no roots)


Preparation and application of tea:

Squeeze grass and mix. In 2 liters of water, put 5 g of grass mixture and cook for 2 minutes covered. When the tea is cooled, drain it and drink 8 dcl daily.

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Eat heavily fatty foods with fruits and vegetables, prepared in ordinary vegetable or olive oil. Discard cranberries, canned products, and fat from animal origin. Foods should not be salted or if necessary less salted.

Regular bathing and changing underwear – the basic prerequisite for treating this illness.


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