Stomach Pain – Natural Old Cure

This is an old recipe for my grandmother. She wrote it on a sheet in 1962. It is very effective and prevents and soothes abdominal pain.

My late grandmother came from Macedonia and was the best cook in the whole family. I have some of her recipes, and among them is this natural remedy.


1 head garlic

4 tablespoons Swedish bitter cream

1 cup of chamomile tea


PROCEDURE: Cut a whole bowl of garlic into small pieces. Then slice it with a spoon or a fork. Take a cup of chamomile on the side. Add the garlic to the tea, then add another four tablespoons of Swedish bitter drink, then mix well.

You can also prepare the bitter Swedish  drink by yourself and you can buy it from a pharmacy. The taste is bitter, but this drink is healthy and rich in many vitamins.

Usage: Drink in the morning and evening (every 12 hours).

The healing properties of chamomile come from its flowers that contain volatile oils (bisabolol, bisabolol oxides A and B, and matricine), flavonoids and other therapeutic substances.

Scientific research has confirmed that chamomile has antibacterial, antifungal, antiallergic, and antiseptic properties.

They also found that chamomile increases the number of white blood cells in the blood, facilitates digestion, relieves stomach bloating and normalizes the stool.

Chamomile relieves stress and nervousness.


– cramps

 – Antiinflammatory



– It has a mild sedative effect, reduces anxiety, stress and tension, so it is recommended to drink chamomile tea before bedtime because it reduces the anxiety, it is beneficial for a quiet sleep, which is good for those who have insomnia.

– It stimulates digestion

– Good analgesic

-However, menstrual pain

-Traces the problematic skin

– He relaxes his muscles

 –  Improves liver function and so on.

Also, for medicinal purposes, chamomile oil is also used. The simplest way to make chamomile oil is – to soak the flowers in 200 ml of olive oil and leave them in the sun for 3-5 weeks. Make sure the flowers are fully covered with oil and stir occasionally.With the oil you get you can nourish the entire skin.

Chamomile is used to reduce skin irritation, rashes, swelling, then rheumatism, gout, and the care of cracked and dry skin. The oil is also good for the care of the head (scalp) and against dandruff. Chamomile tea is recommended for small children who have stomach problems

– improves digestion, reduces bloating, facilitates the release of gases, etc. You can use the chamomile in the form of tea, in tea blends, as an accessory to the relaxation clippers, for the production of oil, for the production of cold and warm compresses to soothe your body. It is easy to apply and suitable for use, and you can also plant it in your garden.


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