Stomach Ulcer (Ulcus Ventriculi)


Many unwell- versed people believe that stomach ulcer is nothing else than a manure ulcer who eventually grows, and later pops and the fluid spreads through stomach.

In fact, it is damage to the gastric mucous that begins as a minor surface wound, and then sneezes into the gastric wall.

The stomach ulcer is ​​a serious disease, the consequences of which may be far-reaching and dangerous. Symptoms of the disease are special and recognizable by the long-lasting pain that occurs on the ulcer, especially when the stomach touches it. Immediately after meals, there are cramping pains that prevail when the meal returns.

It happens that the blood from the stomach ulcer is poured into the intestine and appears in the stool in the form of tar ingredients.The stomach and duodenal ulcer is created mainly by an erroneous diet, excessive smoking and partial alcohol consumption, and mental and nervous excitement, etc.

The stomach and duodenum have many common features.

However, in stomach ulcers, especially at night, there are more severe pains. The pains are often very intense, and they decrease when the patient eats a little food or drinks a liquid.


Tea content:


40 g of mint

40 g of wild mint

40 g of wall germander stems

40 g of Perforate St John’s-wort leaves and flowers

40 g puzzlegrass stems

30 g spruce red berries

30 g of spruce black berries

30 g of  viscum album

30 g of common couch root

20 g of forest strawberry leaves

20 g of rubus leaves

20 g of lindens leaves and flowers

10 g of mugworts leaves


Preparation and application:

Crash and mix the grass. In 1 litre boiling water put 10 grams of the mix, and cook it covered for 1 ½ minute and let it coold it covered. Cooled tea transfer it into a bottle and consume it 3 times a day,1 dcl before and after meal.

After the consumed tea before meal, take one tablespoon of virgin olive oil and do the same after the meal tea. The rest of the 4 dcl consume it between meals with an sour applce juice or cabagge juice.


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