Stroke (Apoplexia)


Stroke is a very serious and often deadly disease. It occurs as a result of atherosclerosis, brain blood vessel disease, high blood pressure, walking disease and other causes.

It is a disease of older people, but it also occurs in younger people prone to high blood pressure. The disease affects more men than women.If a stroke is the result of a brain hemorrhage, it is mostly preceded by: large amounts of alcoholic beverages, sunburns, intense arousal, physical exertion, severe coughing, straining during emergency, etc.

Obstruction of the blood vessels of the brain can occur slowly or abruptly, with the consequence of a stroke. Due to bleeding in the brain, the patient loses consciousness, the head and eyes are usually turned to the site of bleeding, and breathing is irregular.The patient does not urinate, and the chair leaves involuntarily. When a person has a stroke, he collapses.

The  consciousness is lost, and when he returns, half of his body is taken. As stroke progresses gradually.At first, the patient feels gloomy in half of the body, and after some time feels discomfort in the mobility of that part of the body, walks hard, pulls his leg taken, etc

. If the speech centers are involved, the patient cannot speak or speak difficult and incomprehensible. Treatment  The patient should be laid down immediately, placed on the floor on a pillow. The patient must lie still.If conscious, it is necessary to drink 1/2 dcl of cold tea 8 times a day from a mixture of equal amounts of arnica and celery. Tea is prepared by placing 2 to 3 g of grass mixture in 1/2 liter of boiling water, cooling the lid and drinking bitter.

In case of outdated illness, seizure of certain parts of the body, difficult pronunciation, entanglement of the tongue, the patient should drink 1/2 dcl tea every hour for the following herbs:

20 grams of common nettle

20 grams of chicory

20 grams of lindens flowers

20 grams of plantago leaves

20 grams of violet leaves

20 grams of larch needles


Boil 5 g of grass mixture in 1 liter of boiling water and cook covered for 1/2 minute. After cooling, pour the tea into a bottle. If the patient is not suffering from diabetes, the tea can be sweetened with honey.


Food should be prepared exclusively on vegetable oil without frying. Eat as much fruits and vegetables as possible. Doing light exercises.

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