The most effective remedy for painful joints and knees



With the help of the miraculous recipe from which you will be able to prepare the medicinal ointment to squeeze the painful joints.


100 g peeled pumpkin seeds

30 g melted butter

30 g ricinus

30 g of honey

If you want a larger quantity, increase the amount of ingredients accordingly.


Bite the pumpkin seeds or chop them nicely. Mix the other ingredients with constant mixing, and finally add the honey.

You need to get a homogeneous mixture that starts to tighten. Store in a jar and store in a refrigerator.

Every time you feel pain in your knees, ankles, shoulders, elbows, wrists, even in your fingers, apply the ointment.

The famous Baba Vangja gave people an invaluable gift.

These are hundreds of recipes that medicine calls “a living encyclopedia of health”. Many doctors say that Vanga’s recipes give a positive result in many ailments, and anyone can adapt to their own needs …

“Just what grows under our feet” Recipes are simple to prepare, and the herbs themselves – commonly known.

Baba Vangja thought that people should be treated with plants that grow directly around us, because in nature all things – people, fauna, flora – live in harmony. According to Vangja, there are no strict measures in the dosage of “folk remedies”. Many of them can be used, so to speak, “from the eye”.

She was convinced that we can not harm herbs, especially if we do not mix incompatible ingredients.


At constipation. In the morning and evening, 1 teaspoon of jelly, prepared from boiled fruit from a mature Elder, is taken. Sugar is not put in the jelly. If you want, you can add honey.

Pressure on the nerve. The cotton fabric is laminated with a mixture of olive oil and melted wax and placed along the backbone while gluing it with patches does not fall. If you have enough time, do this whenever you remember and have the opportunity.

 Dermal itching. In two liters of water boil a kilo of barley and wash the liquid with the liquid.

Strengthening immunity. For this purpose, once a month, wash with tea from the wicker.

Cough (in adults). 4 walnuts with peel, 1 flower of Elder and 1 tablespoon of honey are boiled in half a liter of water. The liquid is poured and taken 1 tablespoon three times a day.

Mastitis. Prepare a small crust of soft dough made from rye flour, melted butter and milk; leave it for one night, and then put it in the sore spot. The treatment is repeated several times.

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