These disgusting things can be caused by your bras



We all have some strange habits and routines that allow us to postpone the washing of clothes as long as possible. however, there is a certain limit that does not have to pass.


In particular, it refers to underwear that is more delicate than we think, especially bras that should probably be washed significantly more often than you do.


Although most women are washing their bruchers less often than T-shirts and other clothes, it’s true that – as far as the body is closer to the body, the more often you need to wash. Mary Begovic Johnson, an expert from Proctor and Gamble, told Bazfid that it would not be necessary to carry the same brasher more than three to five times in a row.


In fact, the bricklayer should be placed in the basket for dirty laundry at least once a week.


This is a scientifically valid fact, not something that our mothers have repeatedly told us. And if you do not pay more attention to the bras hygiene, there are serious consequences.


1.Grose things get deposited on your bras

Bacteria, dirt, grease, lotions, microorganisms and fungi are just some of the stuff that accrues on this part of the garment. Joshua Zaychner, a dermatologist from New York, says these things are usually not dangerous in contact with the skin, but when they all come together in one place, it’s only a matter of what they will grow.



2. Your bra will start to have strange smell, and along with it the other clothes


If you do not sweep the laundry often enough, they get up. The same thing happens with the bra. it does not matter how many times you will spray with perfume while preparing, eventually you will come to the point of unbearable heart, and worst – you will get used to that scent that can be passed on to the rest of your clothes.

  1. Your bra can be stained

– Deodorant is your best friend, as long as it does not stay on the fabric for several days and starts to create yellow spots.


  1. Acne may occur

– If you practice a lot in sports bras, and do not carry them regularly, it’s very likely that acne will occur due to sweat and dirt. Bras are especially uncomfortable because they are in direct contact with sensitive skin and tight, so it’s easy to rub, which is great for developing acne.


5. A rash or infection may occur¬†–¬†Supposedly clothing is one of the main causes of serious irritation of the skin. Sometimes it’s the reason why tight clothes are, but it’s far more common that they are not overly regular. Usually bacteria and fungus bacteria are “placed” under the chests, where they are hot and humid, causing red prints and serious problems if measures are not taken timely.

  1. It is possible to irritate your nipples

– Irritated nipples are a very unpleasant condition and one of the most common causes is the unpleasant bra. Because of the sweatshirt and dry skin, you may come to this situation that you really do not need. So, make yourself a reminder for regular washing of bras, because nothing will happen to you with a clean bra.

Updated: April 26, 2019 — 3:14 pm

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