This medication saved my life 17 years ago: I had a tumor on the liver



“Here I am to reveal to you a real remedy that saved my life and thanks to it, I am still among the living, among my children and grandchildren … 17 years ago, I got sick with a tumor of the liver, a tumor of the colon and the uterus. My uterus was surgically removed, but for the liver and colon, there was a great risk of surgery. However, the doctor who operated me, gave me one recipe to make it and regularly use it, so I was obedient and active.

I prepared it and I consumed it regularly, so on the next examinations,it showed that I do not have a tumor. That’s how I saved my life from diseases and surgeries, so to this day I use it and I think that because of this medication I’m alive …


So here is the recipe, so other people can try to save their live:



15 pieces of garlic

15 lemons

500 g of crushed nuts

500 g of crushed hazelnuts

500 g of dry figs

500 g dried plums

 500 g of white raisins

 500 g of red raisins

 500 g of clean wheat, not sprayed

1 kg of homemade honey


The wheat is washed with hot water 9 times and in the tenth warm water it is left to stay overnight. The next day, it is processed and blended.


The figs are nicely crushed and the plums too, because they are difficult to blend.


From 10 lemons, the juice is poured and 5 lemons are ground with the bark. All the ingredients (the garlic is peeled) are blended and placed in a large bowl, and then mixed with a wooden spoon. The ingredients should be well integrated.


Then put a glove (from a pharmacy) on your hand, so it is moulded well with hands.. The mixture is thick as dough and lasts for three months.

It is stored in glass jars and stored in a refrigerator.


I make it twice a year, I have given the recipe to many  people and everyone is satisfied. There are really great results, saves from tumors, cleanses the carcinoma.

I am too pleased, my husband eats from him too, although he is in a good  health.


It simply protects against diseases, viruses, and can be used by the healthy ones because it is very good and  without chemicals. ”


Usage: Three times a day, one or two tablespoons before breakfast, before lunch and before dinner. The dose for one person is three months, I eat two tablespoons, three times a day.


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