Tincture of dandelion: cure for female problems, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, liver, kidneys.

Probably the most widespread herb is dandelion. It is growing everywhere and for centuries it has been popular with the people as a medicinal herb for many diseases.


Dandelion is especially interesting because it is easily accessible and all its parts are eaten and are curative. Beginning from spring until autumn is easily noticeable because its flowers cover almost every meadow and a piece of land in our landscapes.

Make your own extract or tincture of this excellent herb that you can use throughout the year. You can do the tincture easily, and all parts of the herb are used to make it.


This text will be too short to list all the benefits you can have by using the dandelion, or all of its parts. Dandelion tincture is known to our people for centuries and is usually cooked using its root immersed in brandy.Using folk wisdom and experience, we present you the recipe how to make yourself and use this medicine. If you do not want a recipe with alcohol, there is another recipe that is based on sugar and known as syrup or dandelion honey that can be found on our portal.

For a tincture you need:

– fresh dandelion, whole herb (root, leaves and flowers, best taken early in the spring, but maybe at any time of the year).

– a fruit brandy or a vodka of 35-45 degrees alcohol



Get a fresh herb that grows far from the streets and pollution. Be sure to remove the entire herb along its root, since it is the most healing part. Wash all parts well, dry them and cut them into as small pieces as possible. Then you can mix them in a mixer to get a table in which alcohol will easily penetrate, but you do not have to.


Place the resulting mixture in a glass jar, then completely pour brandy or vodka. We offer vodka because of the weaker smell, but also brandy will do the job well – extracting the medicinal ingredients. Try to pay attention to the substance, that is, at least the waist to represent the root and the other half to consist of leaves and flowers.


Close the container well and allow at room temperature not to touch it sunlight. Let it “leak” for three weeks. Shake the vessel from time to time. After three weeks, strain the mixture through a gauze so that you get only liquid. The resulting liquid contains a concentration of all the wealth of the medicinal ingredients of the dandelion. Store the tincture in a suitable glass container and keep it in a dark place.

Tincture is used in rheumatoid arthritis and gout, and is particularly effective for strengthening kidney function, cleansing and healing of the liver from jaundice, hepatitis and other diseases.


Use tincture for blood fat problems, because regular use will lower your cholesterol, regulate high blood pressure, and at all provide blood purification for what has been fed for centuries.


Herbalists recommend dandelion for female ailments, menopausal problems, breastfeeding problems, cysts and allergies. Tincture is used for the production and excretion of bile. A special recommendation is that tincture is used by diabetics as a natural control of insulin.


Dandelion reduces inflammation in the body especially at the level of blood vessels, which reduces and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. New studies published in the Journal of Oncology confirm that dandelion plays a significant role in the fight, reduction and prevention of many types of cancer, especially in the lungs, prostate and skin.


Dandelion has a healing strength for strengthening the body, secreting the toxins through sweat, strengthening and improving the stool. It affects the secretion of mucous membranes from the body, urine and other poisonous substances that make the body tired and sleepy, so with regular use you will feel like energy and your strength is coming back.


In addition to the listed benefits, the dandelion extract you get in this way is full of vitamins A, B2, C, D, G as well as potassium, sodium, phosphorus, calcium and iron. Use the tincture as needed, but you can also prevent it for the whole organism.




Tincture is consumed as follows: drops 20-30 (if necessary  and more) drops in half a glass of water 3 times a day. After the use of three months it is necessary to make a break.

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