Acute tonsillitis is not limited to the pharynx , but it also affects the epiglottis, the arch of the soft palate and even the soft palate with the tongue. Throughout this area the mucous membranes are red and swollen. Initially it is very dry, and it is later covered by mucus.

Frogs and tabs are generally multiplied by virtually closing the hole in the grid. The cause of this disease is mostly cold, and when it is a side effect of influenza, measles, scarlet, and similar. Inflammation begins with a general unpleasant feeling, fatigue, and sometimes a small fever.

In the gut, the feeling is dry, like burning, and soon swallowing becomes difficult. The mucous membrane is very often coated with a grayish layer that can be easily scrubbed, in contrast to the diphtheria in which the lining is held firmly.


Tea content: 
30 g blueberry leaves

30 g fennel stems

30 g of leaves of Mugworts

30 g of leaves and flowers of Achillea millefolium

20 g of Fennel Bulbs stems

20 g petals of domestic rose

10 g of oak bark

10 g of birch leaves

10 g of thyme’s stem


 Preparation and application:

Smash the grass and mix it good. In 1 liter boiling water put 10 grams of the grass mic and cook it covered for 1 minute. Cool it covered and drink it mild hot 8 times a day for 1 dcl in equal time intervals. In the diet, take four tablespoons a tablespoon of refined or filtered olive oil. In the course of the day, take 4 tablespoons of the mixture of equal amounts of chopped carrot juice and sour apples. Eat as much vegetables as possible. During the day, take several times honey and freshly fried lemon juice, only within moderate limits, not to injure the stomach or, if the patient suffers, stings on the stomach. In everything else, the diet should be adjusted for the treatment of stomach ulcer.


With these instructions it is advisable to bite pine needles breathe deeply. Then, as an aperitif, it is useful to eat grated sour apples or drink sour apples.


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