Trembling (Fibrilations)

It is a  state that is manifested in certain parts of the body in the form of stronger or lesser rhythmic muscle twitching, i.e. in faster or slower movements. Tremors of shingles disappear both during roaring and for hot-headed movements.

It also occurs in healthy people, especially for severe colds, or as a result of fatigue after heavy loads, or for mental reasons.


Continuous and unintentional trembling is a sign of nerve disease. It consists of more or less rhythmic movements around one axis, and is due to alternating clamping and relaxation of one group of muscles. It usually occurs on hands, feet, head, then lowered eyelids, on the lower jaw and tongue.

In certain cases, the causative agent can not be identified. Such cases appear in youth and can last for a lifetime.

This form of illness is difficult to cure, but it is not dangerous, as there are no other signs of nervous system disease other than trembling. The distinctiveness of trembling is that they stop sleeping.



We distinguish the procedure for younger and elderly people. The difference is in the ingredients of a mixture of grass that serves to prepare the basic tea.

Tea content for younger people:

30 g of lemon balm

30 g of hawthorn flowers

30 g of violet flowers

30 g of lungworts stems

20 g of valerian root

10 g of violet leaves

Preparation and application:

We crash and mix the grass. In 1 liter boiling and later cooled water we put 5 grams of the grass mix to stay over night. In the morning we cook it on mild heat for ½ minute. When the tea is cooled, transfer it in a bottle. Unsweetened tea should be used 3 times a day for about ½ dcl before and after meal and te rest of the tea should be sweetened with common sage honey or from summer savory and consume it instead of water.


Tea content for elder:

40 g of olive (old) leaves

40 g of thyme stems

40 g of St John’s-wort stems

30 g of violet leaves and flowers

20 g of willow bark

20 g of Fennel Bulbs stems

20 g of elder flowers

20 g of oak bark



The tea is prepared on the same way as for younger people. During the treatment, pork and beef should be avoided, as well as fat from animal origin and alcohol drinks.



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