Two billion people in the world are fighting overweight

The most popular dishes in a classic restaurant, or 94 percent of them, exceed the recommended 600 calories, a new study at the Medical School in Sao Paulo, Brazil, suggests. For catering facilities for fast food, that number is 72 percent.


– Not only do we eat poor food, but we also consume it in too many quantities. And we often neglect that factor that has a major impact on the global rate of obesity (obesity) – emphasized the research professor, Dr. Vivianne Suen.

Any exceeding 10 per cent above the ideal weight is considered perfidious. The international team of scientists took into account the parameters of weight and energy value (calories) for dishes served in restaurants in Brazil, China, Finland, Ghana and India.

The World Health Organization considers the supremacy of a problem with global epidemic proportions and a major risk of developing cardiovascular and brain diseases and diabetes. Over 1.9 billion adults worldwide have overweight, and 600 million of them are overweight.

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Updated: April 11, 2019 — 6:02 pm

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