Uremia Causes, Symptoms, and Natural Treatments

Uremia is the most severe form of chronic kidney inflammation. Disease occurs when the kidneys are so weakened and they hardly excrete harmful substances through urine.

The very first symptoms of the disease are the mental depression and fatigue. So, the patient cannot find the reasons for this condition. He frequently urinates during the whole day and night and urine is crystal clear. Loses his appetite, repel from the food and diarrhea and vomiting develops. With the first signs of illness, headaches and insomnia appear. The patient feels like into a doze and wakes up to the slightest noise. He becomes lethargic and confused. Occurs muscle spasms, which often cross the cramps, breathe deeply and accelerate. Often with the first signs of illness, itching occurs on the skin.



Composition of the tea:

  • 30 g flowers of elder.
  • 30 g yarrow.
  • 30 g heather.
  • 30 g leaves of forest strawberry.
  • 20 g leaves of peppermint.
  • 20 g lemon balm.
  • 10 g smooth rupturewort.
  • 10 g of redshank (jesusplant).
  • 10 g plantago major.
  • 10 g of common knotgrass.
  • 10 g juniper berries.
  • 10 g silk corn.
  • 10 g scraped bark of oak tree (the lower white).


Preparation and purpose of tea:


Grasses should be finely chopped and mixed well. Put 10 g of the mixture into 1 litter boiled water and boil, with closed lid for about one minute. Let it cool down, with the closed lid. Sift the tea in the bottle, close and keep in cold place. Consume each our ½ dcl. Every second dose of the tea should be sweetened with the honey. Instead of water, the patient should drink the liquid from compote of dry plum and dry figs. Cooked plums and figs should be also eaten. Compote should not be sweetened.

Food should be cooked, mash and without salt. Eat more greens, especially wild greenness.
Аs much as possible to rest and lie in a ventilated room. It is allowed to walk lightly. Every work is forbidden.
With the indicated instructions, the treatment lasts 6 months. Then the treatment continues for another 3 months by preparing the tea from 5 g of grass mixture (instead of the previous 10 g). Other instructions are as in basic treatment.

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