Vitamin juice that brings you back to life, and it’s prepared for 2 minutes


For decades, this juice is recommended to people who fight cancer because it restores energy, raises immunity and improves blood counts.


It’s done very simply, and the only fault is that for some it may not be too tasty, but it’s a personal taste.


The results are so good that it’s worth it to drink even those who do not like the taste.

It’s about beet juice and carrot. Namely, for decades now this juice is recommended to people who go on chemotherapy because it is perfectly fighting against all the consequences of this type of treatment. It’s worth it every bit of a sip, because it brings you back to life!

That’s why they say that literally – lifting from the dead – and is not intended only for those who have health problems.


If you feel tired, you do not have the energy and you are depressed, maybe just this juice is what you need. It is prepared very simply.


1 kg of beets

1 lemon


½ kg of carrots

3 oranges

3 apples

1 kg of honey


All ingredients are simply cleaned and placed in a juicer. You will get a red color that you need to store in glass bottles. Store in a refrigerator.


Usage: drink in the morning on an empty stomach, half a glass, a sip of a sip.


If you drink this juice every day, you will feel the amazing change in ten days.

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