Walnuts are a blood cleanser, they treat the lungs, thyroid, intestines, and heart

Little is known about the healing properties of young leaves, green peels and unripe fruits, which help in many diseases. The walnut is known among the people as a blood scrubber, and is also used to treat lung diseases, inflammation of the intestines, muscle and vision strengthening. In the bath and as a coating is used against infected wounds and eczema, skin diseases, inflammation of the eyes. As oil is used for hair care, and protects against burns caused by the sun.

Scientists have noticed a significant improvement in cholesterol levels and blood vessel flexibility, which helps to better blood flow, in just four hours after the consumption of nuts or nut oil.

Research shows that regular consumption protects us from cardiovascular disease in the long run. “And only one handful of walnuts or walnut oil for four days a week can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease,” said Dr. Penny Chris Etherton, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania.

Yacht contains: 65% oil, proteins, carbohydrates, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, vitamins B and C, iron. It is therefore a great detoxicant, secretoid, laxative and antidiabetic.

The leaf contains: firmly essential oil with yellowish color, tannin and substances with a bitter and bitter taste. It mainly collects in June and July at a nice time, and it is best if it is used while fresh and green, because it contains non-degradable medicinal ingredients.

By drying they change and spoil, and the leaves darken. Especially effective tea leaf from a young leaf, which together with a little honey cleanses the body and improves the general health condition.

It is used for problems with digestion, gastrointestinal problems, tooth bleeding and gum disease, perspiration, excessive leg sweating and vaginal discharge (“white powder”). Young green nuts are rich in vitamin C, so they are put into honey, and the syrup is suitable for recovery from illnesses, children and weak-blooded ones.

Mature fruits have plenty of oil and are eaten raw or toasted. Excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, which is why they successfully lower blood cholesterol.


 In two liters of water, sip in 5 tablespoons of broth, wax a leaf from a nut and bark from a young broom. Place in boiled water and cook for 10 minutes. Get out of the fire and wait for the bath to cool. When it is lukewarm, sink your feet and leave for 15 minutes. Remove them and allow them to dry themselves.


In a grinder machine, bake 10 tablespoons of walnut nuts, and then put in 1 liter of pure alcohol (96%). Close the bottle and leave for 14 days in a warm place. Stretch, and with this fluid massage the skin of your head every night.



Stir 1 liter of unrefined olive oil with 10 tablespoons dried nuts leaf. Place the mixture for 1 month in a warm place with daily stirring. Strain, and with this oil massage the sick spots.




In combination with honey, the walnut is an excellent natural remedy because the body provides all the necessary vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, carbohydrates. Especially effective in exhaustion and weakness.

Preparation: 500 g of meadow honey is mixed with 500 g of crushed nuts and one lemon juice. This prepared remedy is consumed every 3-4 hours per a spoon, until recovery.


Updated: January 29, 2019 — 8:15 pm

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