What will happen to your body if you eat dates 3 times a week every day?

Like many other types of foods, so do the worms have great power and bring health benefits, so it’s worth it to include them in everyday nutrition.

They are mild, delicious, you can eat them separately, or in combination with a salad, and after a week, the body will feel a difference.

The foods are nutritious and good for health, so if you eat 3 dates every day, your body will be grateful. How do dates affect and what will happen to the body if you eat them regularly?


* The health of bones will improve

You will feel a change in digestion and the digestive system will improve

They help fight stress and depression


They give a significant level of energy

They can prevent heart disease


They reduce the symptoms of seasonal allergies

Helps to lose weight

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Updated: June 3, 2019 — 9:17 am

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